I don’t have a boyfriend but I have some pretty amazing boy friends @ceemigz @theericcm @mmmmarkgo @canciiio #nationalboyfriendday #truelovewaits #brotherhood   #blessed #protectors  (Taken with Instagram)

nts;Your heart is worth pursing, and protecting because you are you.

"double the period, double the fertility"


As over protective as the brothers can be sometimes…

its better than them being passive and not caring about the welfare of the sisters in our chapter. Big ups to you guys.

Your past can be as dirty as it possibly can be, but your future is clean.

thanks brother bear<3

small moments

At todays CFC ministries E-Rally that I was late to by 3 hours,so many small things got to me in a big way.The smallest and simplest gesture that got to me a lot today was when some brothers came up to hug me and asked “How have you been? I’ve missed you.” I kinda teared up a little, there were so many things I wanted to say but I was just silent. All I could say was “I’ve missed you too”. If they only knew…

Never doing this again..we&#8217;re so derp

"I hope she continues to remember that she’s beautiful and perfect just way she is"

im proud of you

oh hay Carlos :) oh hay Eric:)

"You’re fine just the way you are, now shhh and stop bashing yourself"

paying for a bill

"you’re taking away my independance as a woman, i can pay for myself"

"no im not… now sit down woman"

"No matter what you do or have done, nothing will make us love you any less"

"You don’t know how strong you are until you’re at your weakest"